MDR certified Medical Device Galaxy Retractor
Galaxy Retractor MDR APPROVED
PRESSRELEASE 7 Nov 2023 JUNE Medical’s Galaxy II® self-retaining surgical retractor receives MDR certification for its high quality and safety JUNE Medical is proud to announce that its Galaxy II® self-retaining surgical retractor has received Medical Device Regulation (MDR – Regulation (EU) 2017/745) certification from BSI Group for its use...
Galaxy II
The Green Galaxy II
A Sustainable Advancement in Surgical Instrumentation: Galaxy II Self-Retaining Surgical Retractor
Adjustable Surgical Retraction
One-size-fits-all: adjustable surgical retraction at a leading women’s hospital
Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust is the first of its kind in the UK to offer dedicated healthcare to women and families, including a full range of gynaecological, maternity and neonatal care services. Its specialist urogynaecology facility relies on the Galaxy family of retractors – especially the Galaxy...
A nurse, preparing for the intricate procedure of fistula surgery, readies the Galaxy II Snowman retractor provided by JUNE MEDICAL
Donating Hope and Healing
Obstetric fistula, a severe and debilitating condition that affects millions of women in under-resourced settings - predominantly in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia - is a challenge that calls for concerted, global action.
Smiling is not possible. Yet.
Obstetric fistula is a devastating condition that affects millions of women in low-resource settings, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. It occurs as a result of prolonged, obstructed labour without access to timely and appropriate medical intervention, leading to a hole between the birth canal and the bladder or rectum....
Graceful Study first page Galaxy II
Largest ever ring-retractor study? 3967 patient safety study on Galaxy II published
GRACEFUL: Galaxy II Retrospective sAfety and EffeCtivEness Follow Up Long term Study–An Original Article Spang A. Graceful: Galaxy II Retrospective Safety and Effectiveness Follow Up Long-term Study–An Original Article. J Anaesth Surg Res. 2023;3(1):140-7. DOI: Abstract A new self-retaining retractor was invented to remove loose screw parts, use less plastic, provide...
Patent image with Galaxy II
To patent or not to patent…pragmatic thoughts for surgeons
Many surgeons get great ideas about new medical devices as they solve problems in healthcare. JUNE MEDICAL Founder and Owner Angela Spang have been advising surgeons, entrepreneurs and business owners on device strategy for a long time, and have summarised her thoughts on the great question on IF AND WHEN...
AutoShip now available in America for popular retractor
Surgical retractors are essential tools used in surgical procedures to expose and hold tissues or organs. They are vital for maintaining a clear surgical field, enhancing visibility and access, and ensuring the success of the surgery. However, ordering and managing these instruments can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task for...
Press release: High quality, cost effective surgical retractor is welcomed by leading US hospital group
Galaxy II for major US hospital group JUNE Medical is delighted to announce a new agreement with a major US hospital group to supply the award-winning Galaxy II® self-retaining surgical retractors to over 1,600 hospitals in the US, commencing April 15, 2023. This game-changing device radically improves the safety and...
Direct Relief : You don't have to donate. That's why it's so extraordinary when you do.
Earthquake response – Direct Relief
DONATE HERE June Medical is a healthcare company that is committed to improving patient outcomes and providing quality medical products to healthcare providers. However, June Medical's mission goes beyond just providing medical products. For the last few years, June Medical has been supporting Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization that...