The Queen’s Award for innovation

Galaxy II: The Male Kit

Based on our award-winning Galaxy II retractor, the male kit brings the same level of innovation to male surgeries.

Designed for Male Pelvic Health procedures

A brand new Galaxy II self-retaining surgical retractor kit specifically assembled for Male Pelvic Health procedures, for example penile implants.

The kit is designed based on feedback and usability requests from leading urologists, and includes the unique and innovative penile hammock that reduces the need for sharp hook penetration in sensitive male anatomy thus improving recovery and reducing infection risk.

  • Contents: The contents of the kit include the Snowman Frame, 6x 12 mm large blunt hooks, 2x 3 finger claws, 2x Double 7mm Sharp hooks, 1x 5mm Sharp hooks, a catheter clip and the innovative penile hammock to hold the male anatomy while reducing the need for puncture at the tip to aid comfortable recovery and reducing infection risk.
  • Award Winning Retractor: The award winning Galaxy II allows for single hand adjustments thanks to the innovative cam locks, and the modern materials and manufacturing techniques reduce both weight and waste.
  • New Innovation: The world’s first Male Kit was used on a bulbar urethroplasty at UCL in London Nov 25th 2020 by Urology Surgeon Ms Tamsin Greenwell. Read more about her experience with Galaxy II.

The thinking behind the Galaxy II Male Kit

Male Kit

The novel penile hammock is designed to gently hold back

…the male anatomy so that skin penetration in the tip can be reduced.

Improved post op comfort and reduced infection risks are two of the benefits for this new innovation from the Galaxy II range.

It can easily be positioned anywhere on the frame, and can be adjusted to any size.

The Claw is the strongest tool in the box

It holds over 30N (enough to move a patient on the table) and is consistently performing above expectations when used in orthopedics.

In the Male Kit, the Claw performs the important job of gently but firmly holding large sections of tissue while protecting the edges. In addition, the elastic lead has just the right amount of flexibility to be gently on the tissue despite holding large loads.

Double Sharp 7mm hook is a beauty in flawless design

Manufactured with a specially designed spacer between the hooks to ensure they stay apart, it is strong and stable, and never collapses even under higher loads.

Often used in orthopedics, plastic surgery and ENT, this double hook is added to our Galaxy II Male Kit to hold wider edges of incisions away while using less tension than a single hook.

Manufactured to hold high loads, the elastic tail end allows for firm hold while respecting the tissue it controls.

The Special One: 5mm Sharp

Not for the fainthearted — she is sharp… VERY sharp. This is the Formula One version of a retractor hook.

For surgeons who like their placement to be precise, specific. For surgeons who work with fine movements, small incisions, deliberate advancements and meticulous hemostasis.

5mm Sharp will stay exactly where she is put, will hold firm, and stay until moved. She will penetrate skin swiftly, and needs no pressure and tension at all to hold.

Meet the workhorse; 12 mm Blunt hooks

Gentle but firm, generous and reliable, these are your go to solutions when you just want to grab that bit and hold it to the side.

12mm Blunt is there to be easily repositioned, holds large bites but does not penetrate as easily as the Sharp hooks, so very suitable for the higher loads with more tissue hold.

Great for skin edges too!

Wish to have a closer look or talk things through?

The COVID-19 pandemic have led us forward with alternative ways of launching medical devices. As a result, you can now have a product demo with a rep at any time, from anywhere, thanks to our Med Ed teams in Europe and USA.

Instead of traveling to you with a demo product, we will fedex it to you, at the address most convenient to you. Once you are done evaluating it and know what you want to use, we simply organise a collection of the kit.

"Angela, CEO of JUNE Medical visited our hospital and watched a procedure to see how we use the retractor and to hear our opinions on what could be improved. This gave the company an excellent idea of what we really need, and from there they could see what they could do to produce the best product for us ergonomically."

Tamsin Greenwell, Surgeon at UCLH and Professor at UCL

"JUNE Medical has been proactive and responsive to all of the things that we thought would be nice to have as features for the next generation of instruments. The result was the Galaxy II, which has an attachment to hold the urinary catheter and extra hooks packaged separately in addition to the standard eight."

Tamsin Greenwell, Surgeon at UCLH and Professor at UCL

"JUNE really has made a lot of improvements to the new retractor and it’s now one of my favourites. There is also now a male kit for specific surgery and, once we start doing sphincter surgery and urethroplasty again following the current COVID-19 pandemic, I’m definitely going to try this out."

Tamsin Greenwell, Surgeon at UCLH and Professor at UCL