Endometrial balloon ablation for heavy menstrual bleeding

Thermablate EAS is a lightweight, fully automated, portable balloon treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding, used to carry out global endometrial ablation in just 2 minutes.



Product details

The Thermablate Endometrial Ablation System is a clinically proven, gentle, two minute treatment that can significantly reduce or stop heavy menstrual periods to improve women’s health who have completed childbearing.

The procedure is simple, safe and effective which can be conducted conveniently in theatres and also in an outpatient gynaecology setting.

Thermablate is included in RCOGs list of second generation ablation devices.

How does it work?

The Thermablate EAS is made up of a Treatment Control Unit (TCU) and disposable cartridge, often referred to as a balloon catheter.

The TCU is:

  • Fully automated
  • Simple to set up
  • Compact, lightweight


  • Minimal set up required. Safely treats a variety of uterine shapes and sizes.
  • The Treatment Control Unit heats the fluid prior to treatment and provides simple step-by-step instructions throughout the procedure
  • The pre-filled Thermablate EAS disposable cartridge is comprised of a slim 6mm diameter catheter, silicone balloon and the glycerine
  • fluid. The thin, pliable, silicone balloon inflates three times to ensure optimal contact with endometrial tissue even in large or irregular cavities.
  • The device is entirely self-contained, requires minimal set-up, and plugs directly into an electrical wall outlet for immediate use.

Efficacy and Tolerability

  • In an international multicentre study, which included 120 women with menorrhagia, it was found that following Thermablate Balloon endometrial ablation the patient satisfaction rate was 85% (this is consistent with other ablation options as per RCOG here)



Manufacturer: Idoman Teoranta