LUX Connect

LUX Connect light

Product code: JUNELUXc1

LUX Connect guides your existing light source* into exactly where you need it…at any angle, at any depth.

*ACMI cable and any operating room light source


Product details

Specifically designed for minimally invasive surgeries & deep cavity visualization, the bifurcated design eliminates troublesome shadowing and illuminates the cavity for better access and better vision. Flexible fiber optics deliver bright yet diffuse light to reduce glare.

LUX Connect is designed to be used together with award winning Galaxy II LUX, but can also be used on its own; the leads will bend to your desired position and stay there until you decide to move them as your surgery progresses.

Light cable length: 50cm (to ACMI connection)

Slim Diameter: 3.4mm (tip) 4.2mm (lead)

  • Ready-made: no assembly needed, just plug in and turn on light
  • Tip stays cool
  • Made in USA
  • Uses a standard hospital light source
  • Connects via intermediate reusable fiber optic cable
  • Provided sterile & ready to use
  • Low-profile tips can be placed at the periphery of the surgical site or into the site
  • When the procedure is complete, light is disposable


Will it work with our light source?
Yes, all standard light sources.

Does it need to be sterilised?
No, it comes sterile and ready for use.

Do we have to use it with the Galaxy II?
No, you can use it on its own, or with other retractors.

Can we buy just one to test?
Yes, they are sold as singles.

Can you reposition them?
Yes, easily: both with the malleable lead as well as on the frame with the help of specially made clips.

Did you know?

There is a pause in surgery every 7.5 minutes just to reposition the overhead light ¹…

This means that in 1 hour of surgery, repositioning will occur 8 times.

UK Example:

If 1 hour of surgery costs approximately £1200, each minute of surgery would cost £20.

If it takes around 1 minute to reposition each time, the total cost of repositioning during that 1 hour of surgery would be £160.

LUX Connect will pay for itself by reducing OR time in addition to making surgery safer.