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GRACEFUL STUDY: 3967 patient study Galaxy Retractor proves Safety and Efficacy in NHS 

A new self-retaining retractor was invented to remove loose screw parts, use less plastic, provide superior surgical access and improve patient safety compared to older retractor models. The retractor is designed to be used in a range of specialties from paediatric ENT to inguinal hernia, urology, andrology, orthopaedics, and spinal surgery, in any surgery that retracts delicate and/or solid tissue. This study aims to assess the use of this new retractor in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK for 4 years since introduction, specifically looking at patient safety as recorded in adverse events and infection rates.

Galaxy II had no adverse events, is safe and effective to use in any surgery, is an improvement over older retractors and can reduce the risk of MSD in nurses and assistants. The unique range of low profile and light-weight frames and hooks provide better access and increases visibility thus making surgery safer.

MSM007 Stay Hooks testing presentation Long (pdf)

MSM013 Galaxy II 2018-2019 Post Market Surveillance Report (pdf)

MSM21 1A (rev3) GalaxyII Male Kit Flyer

MSM21-6 (Rev 9) Galaxy II Product Brochure

MSM21-7 (Rev 11) The GALAXY II Image Guide