An improved, light weight retractor with a safer design.

The Queen’s Award for innovation

  • Galaxy II® is indicated for retraction of delicate and solid tissue
  • Galaxy II is a light-weight disposable device with a low profile design
  • Galaxy II is the first and only self-retaining retractor with a light attachment
  • Galaxy II was awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2021
  • Galaxy II can be recycled and JUNE Medical has been CO2 Neutral since 2018

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    Retractor Frame

    Retractor frames

    Snowman frame, Square and new unique Slider multi-adjustable frame.

    Skin hooks & retractor lights

    Skin hooks & retractor lights

    Explore the range of skin hooks and light lead to use with or without frames.

    Speciality Kits

    Speciality Kits

    Especially designed to contain everything needed for a Male Urology procedure or a Gyn op.

    Pre-packed Kits

    Frame and 8 hooks, prepacked with less wrapping and less hassle. Find your combo!

    "Galaxy II was a huge success here in the piney woods of east Texas in Tyler! I used the square with the light on a very difficult 2.5 hour artificial urinary sphincter 2nd revision (3rd cuff) and on an anterior colporraphy (bladder suspension) with out the light."

    Dr Clay Williams

    European Union regional development fund
    carbon footprint
    ISO 9001:2015
    Designed and Manufactured in the UK
    FDA logo
    ISO certified
    Bucks HSC Ventures
    Department for International Trade
    Innovation is Great

    Galaxy II Q&A

    “Self-retaining” is a term widely used for retractors that are using counter-traction to hold the retractor in place.

    With ring retractors, this is done by using stretchy hook stays that are fastened in the tissue to be retracted, and secured along the ring in grooves on the frame.

    GALAXY II self-retaining surgical retractor is the next generation (older versions have been around for 15-20 years and have screw mechanisms) of single use retractor systems. It helps provide clear visualisation, optimal exposure and access to the operative area during surgical procedures, minimising the need for additional assistants.

    The GALAXY II surgical retractor is made of lightweight but strong medical grade plastic. The stays are made of steel hooks encased in medical grade silicone, with stretchy tails for optimal tension.

    The Galaxy II use less plastic than the older versions, thus reducing waste, weight and environmental impact.

    The Galaxy II surgical retractor is placed over the incision, stay hooks of choice are placed into the tissue and secured on the frame, facilitating rapid re-positioning when required. The unique design protected CAM locks allow for single handed adjustments with a simple flick of a thumb.

    • Free up the hands of an assistant
    • Improved access to surgical site
    • Single handed adjustments
    • Less instrument clutter
    • Light weight and easy to use
    • Fewer staff in operating room
    • Great visual access for students
    • No sterilisation cost
    • Pre-packed, sterile kit
    • No need for assistant to retract
    • Easily adjusted during surgery reducing operating time
    • Less staff cost
    • Better ergonomics for staff

    Galaxy II FAQs

    Yes, in boxes of 50 or 100 single packed units. Only use what you need. However, we recommend the pre-packed kits. They are perfect for many procedures, and easier to store and use.

    We have a great little demokit that we can send in the post. Send us a message and we will send it over to you so you can have a look at all the different options to see what suits your needs best.

    Metal frames are too heavy to hold themselves up and be truly self-retaining. They are also less cost effective and less safe than single-use devices.

    Send us a message and ask. We look forward to hearing from you!

    10 retractor kits per box, apart from the Male kit that is sent in single boxes.

    In lovely Brighton, a stone throw from the sea in United Kingdom. You can smell the ocean!