SplitFit CO2 connector


In laparoscopy, the abdomen is inflated with CO2 to allow visualisation of the surgical field. When a CO2 bottle runs out, the abdomen deflates.

With SplitFit, that will never happen.



Additional Information

When CO2 bottles run out during surgery, switching them to a full one takes anything from a few minutes up to 15-20 minutes*.

The UK performs 1.5 MILLION abdominal laparoscopic procedures annually.

During these crucial minutes’ mid surgery, the surgeon has no visibility and no control over the surgical field, and a bleed can be fatal.

According to research carried out in 2019, over 90% of UK theatres have bottled gas. The risk of an uncontrolled bleed during the switch over time is ever present. The time to switch is usually only a few minutes, but it can be as long as up to an hour according to published data.

  • Dangerous: An uncontrolled bleed in the wrong moment can be life threatening.
  • Expensive: Every minute a Theatre stands still it costs £15 per minute.
  • Unnecessary: Avoiding harm is a duty for all healthcare professional.

SplitFit interconnector as a solution:

The simple but clever tube interconnects two gas bottles for uninterrupted gas flor, thus reducing the deflation period to zero, eliminating this patient risk completely.

Additional benefits

Research also shows that CO2 bottles are switched out prematurely (before they are empty) to ensure surgeons have a full bottle when the procedure starts.
When bottles are returned for refill, they have to be emptied before they get refilled again, a waste of both time and resources.

In addition, the theatre will speed up operating time thus further reduce both cost and risk for patients under general anaesthesia.

How it works

Put two CO2 bottles side by side and connect them with the SplitFit tubing (that then connects into the insufflator just like normal). Open the connector to the gas in one bottle. Start operation. When that bottle has run out, turn the connection off, and open the connection on the other gas bottle. No down time, no associated risk. When staff has time, the empty gas bottle can be switched out for a full one, and surgery can continue uninterrupted.

After 9 operations that have run out of gas during the procedure, the product has paid for itself in saved theatre time, even without a potential bleed happening.

SplitFit is installed in minutes by regular staff and requires no separate training.

Manufacturer: Northgate Technologies