The Queen’s Award for innovation

Single Use – The Benefits (and how we make it better)

A chat with Galaxy Inventor Angela Spang

Single-Use Sterile Instrumentation

Traditionally, reusable retractors made from stainless steel or aluminium have been costly and challenging to maintain. These instruments can be difficult to clean, increasing the risk of infection. Post-operative infections not only impact patient recovery but also incur significant costs for hospitals, extending patient stays and requiring additional treatment.

Metal retractors are heavy…not a suitable solution for self-retaining if the surgical field isn’t perfectly flat, as the tension on the tissue is too much and it tears.

My Galaxy II Retractor: A Revolutionary Sterile Solution

Utilizing advanced polymer materials, we have developed the Galaxy II range of self-retaining retractors—a game-changing sterile retractor system offering substantial benefits to surgeons, hospitals, and patients.

Using only 62gr of Terlux, the frame can be recycled where facilities exist, or incinerated with other medical waste, resulting in negligible amounts of CO2….and we have offset 100% of JUNE Medicals CO emissions since 2018!

Save Staff Time

  • Easier ordering
  • Simpler Set Up
  • One kit contains everything

OR Reduction time

  • Prepacked kits
  • Easier to assemble
  • Always complete

Improved efficiency

  • Always available
  • No cleaning time
  • Free up an assistant

Zero infection risk

  • Improved patient care
  • Less risk
  • Less cost

Enhance O.R. Planning and Efficiency

Ready to Use: The Galaxy II Retractor

The Galaxy Retractor simplifies operating room planning and improves efficiency. This single-use, disposable instrument:

  • Enhances O.R. Efficiency
  • Streamlines Inventory Management

With single-use instrumentation, you gain cost and efficiency advantages throughout the planning and O.R. processes. The GALAXY II Retractor is always delivered sterile, ready to use, in a kit with hooks of your choice. Galaxy II eliminates delays and enhances the efficiency of theatre staff, whilst freeing up the hands of your assistant to do other things.

Comprehensive Cost Savings with the Galaxy Retractor

Adopt the Galaxy Retractor

  • No Maintenance or Repair: Just procure & dispose
  • Reduced Risk of Cancellations: Eliminate missing or damaged kit issues
  • No Sterilization Costs: Delivered clean and sterile
  • Lower Energy Consumption: Efficient usage leads to energy savings
  • Increased O.R. Efficiency: Greater throughput of cases

Time Saving

  • No Cleaning or Reassembly: Save staff time and processing
  • Always Ready to Go: No setup time, turnaround, decontamination, or replenishment
  • Streamlined Operations: Every instrument in one place for a quicker O.R. experience
  • Easier to Order: One simple order code to keep track of

Space Saving

  • Compact Design: More refined compared to bulky traditional instruments
  • Easier Storage: Simplified inventory management
  • Eco-Friendly: Neutral carbon footprint compared to other plastic retractors and reusable metal alternatives
  • High-Quality Packaging: Featuring readymade kits based on your preferences —simply peel and serve

The Costly Problem of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs)

Comparing to Reusable Retractors

  • Cleaning Challenges: Small components are difficult to clean effectively
  • Sterilization Costs: Significant expenses in re-processing and sterilization
  • Infection Risks: 28% of SSIs are related to equipment cleaning issues

The Financial Impact of SSIs

  • Prevalence: SSIs affect 6% of all surgeries
  • Increased Hospital Stays and Re-admittances
  • Annual Cost: $7.6 billion in the U.S. alone

Switch to the Galaxy II Retractor for a Safer, More Efficient Surgical Experience

  • Safety and efficiency studied on almost 4000 patients in 12 NHS Trusts in the UK: 0% SSI reported; 100% surgeon satisfaction
  • In early usage trials 98% of surgeons who tried Galaxy II wanted to switch straight away
  • June Medical is carbon neutral offset since 2018

"Galaxy II was a huge success here in the piney woods of east Texas in Tyler! I used the square with the light on a very difficult 2.5 hour artificial urinary sphincter 2nd revision (3rd cuff) and on an anterior colporraphy (bladder suspension) with out the light."

Dr Clay Williams