The Expanded Role of a Surgical Nurse in 2022
The need for even more surgical nurses by 2022 is widely known and expected throughout...
Angela Spang - June Medical founder and owner
Flying High: The Most Compassionate Women Leaders You Must Follow
Delighted that June Medical owner, Angela Spang, is featured in this month's CIO Today magazine...
JUNE Medical listed by DIT as best of British suppliers to the humanitarian and development sector
Galaxy II surgical retractor makes surgery simpler and safer. Now listed as a Best of...
World Leaders agreed on 17 Global Goals. Here is our 6.
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There is progress, but there is still work to be done, and the Global Goals...
Best in Class: Innovations Making a Difference in the Operating Room
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Galaxy II®, the most versatile retractor yet, has proved itself both in terms of functionality...
ghp private healthcare awards winner 2022
June Medical wins Best Surgeon-Focused Medical Device Company 2022
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JUNE Medical has been awarded 'Best surgeon-focused medical device company 2022' and 'Most advanced self-retaining...
Ukrainian Flag - Photo by Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash
June Medical Speaks to Ukraine War Surgeons Saving Lives on the Frontline
Founder and owner of JUNE Medical Angela Spang had the privilege to meet with surgeons...
DaVinci Robot
Will robots in surgery still need assistance?
Robots in surgery has been driven in part by rapid developments in technology and in...
June medical
(Surgeons) Old habits die hard
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"Surgeons are characteristically creatures of habit. We are most comfortable performing operations a certain way,...