Medical Education

Medical Education on how to use our products are delivered via video sessions* led by our Clinical experts. With a wide and long experience of surgery in many different specialities, our team members are very appreciated by both surgeons and nurses.

Product introductions

The product managers present one or more products with a top line overview that provides device background, range of products, approved indications and instructions for use.

Inservice for new teams

A detailed Inservice session with teams or a new user, aimed at going through set up, preparation, intra operative use and post surgery steps for the medical device.

Our job is to make surgery safer, easier and more accessible by innovating and constantly improving. It would be impossible to do that without the healthcare professionals who generously share their knowledge.

*The majority of sessions can be delivered this way, and the reduction in travel forms an important part of our Carbon Reduction Plan. As a certified Level 2 Evergreen Sustainable Supplier to the NHS, we continue to reduce and improve our impact on the environment.

Virtual Product Training

We can deliver online and in person product information and education, tailored to your needs.

Use the calendar below to find a time that suits you.

Sharing best practice

Our online sessions also include practical experience from both surgeons, nurses and product teams from across the world, listing the most useful tips and tricks for how to provide the best possible patient care and  optimal outcomes.

Surgeon to Surgeon Advice 

Constant improvement arises from having open conversations, sharing knowledge and experiences. We are immensely grateful for surgeons and nurses who share their input for new product development and those who share their input on new or alternative ways to make the most of our products in daily clinical use.

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