Wing Needle™

Gynaecology: Wing Needle Fundal Anaesthesia

Wing Needle For Hysteroscopic Intrauterine Anaesthesia helps to reduce the pain associated with distension and / or manipulation of the uterine cavity during hysteroscopic gynaecology procedures.



Product details

The Wing Needle™ consists of a standard luer connection with an outer 17 gauge needle and inner 24 gauge needle bevelled upward. This allows use in a standard 5 french channel hysteroscope.

The needle is 36cm long with four 3mm placement markers positioned 5mm apart at its distal end. These are visible through the hysteroscope and aid with positioning the needle and the measurement of intrauterine pathology.

  • Needle tip wing design blocks deep penetration into uterine wall, significantly decreasing risk of perforation
  • Length of needle tip is 5mm; unique curved design allows for easier access to base of pathology and tubal ostia
  • Visible markings every 3mm allow for easy measurement of intrauterine pathology

“Through a combination of a paracervical block and a fundal block, the latter placed in the submucosal myometrium during the preoperative hysteroscopy, it is possible to establish a globally active local anaesthesia, the “Global–Local”, which makes procedures such as endometrial ablation safely performable in a low-tech out-of-hospital office setting with very little discomfort to the patient and without need of additional anaesthetics, sedatives and tranquilizing agents, anaesthesiological support or recovery facilities.”

1. Skensved, H. Global-local anaesthesia: combining paracervical block with intramyometrial prilocaine in the fundus significantly reduces patients’ perception of pain during radio-frequency endometrial ablation (Novasure®) in an office setting.Gynecol. Surg (2012); 9:207-212.

Manufacturer: Idoman Teoranta