The Queen’s Award for innovation

Top Quality Hooks

From the most perfect sharp 5mm hook to the large 3 finger claw to hold muscles (and even the aorta at times), our range of hooks wins hearts all over the world.

Designed to be low profile to not be in your way, stronger than you will ever need to hold human tissue, and with consistent stretchiness, our top quality hooks made in the UK are conveniently single packed to be most cost effective.

Held by your assistant, or clamped to drapes, together with reusable or disposable frames, or used on their own….these hooks are a nimble extension and less bulky means of retraction than a human hand in your surgical site.


Designed for Patient Safety

Semi-Blunt 5mm

The new Semi-blunt hook is the perfect step between the razor sharp and very precise 5mm Sharp Hook and the more forgiving 5mm Blunt hook.

The new Semi-Blunt is the best of both worlds: combines a reliable hold with less sharp penetration, staying where it is placed and able to hold higher loads under more tension.

Order code:
JUNE3002sb (box of 50)

Low profile, holds securely but cause less trauma

Dr Agur : “The hooks supplied with other retractors are available in standard sharp or blunt varieties, but I found that the sharp hooks caused too much tearing and the damaged areas needed suturing, whereas the blunt hooks didn’t hold the tissue well at all. In contrast, the hooks with the Galaxy II are pointed enough but not too sharp, and provide just the right balance between adequately retracting the tissue and avoiding unnecessary trauma.”

A more patient-centric option

“With the Galaxy II, the degree of tension is under my control, giving me adequate retraction of tissues while minimising the degree of trauma to allow faster healing and avoid any long-term problems for the patient. The tissue damage has never been extensive enough to require suturing, and I’ve never had to give additional painkillers to a patient as a result of using it; it’s a huge benefit for the patient.”

Wish to have a closer look or talk things through?

The COVID-19 pandemic have led us forward with alternative ways of launching medical devices. As a result, you can now have a product demo with a rep at any time, from anywhere, thanks to our Med Ed teams in Europe, UK and USA.

Instead of traveling to you with a demo product, we will fedex it to you, at the address most convenient to you. Once you are done evaluating it and know what you want to use, we simply organise a collection of the kit.

"Angela, CEO of JUNE Medical visited our hospital and watched a procedure to see how we use the retractor and to hear our opinions on what could be improved. This gave the company an excellent idea of what we really need, and from there they could see what they could do to produce the best product for us ergonomically."

Tamsin Greenwell, Surgeon at UCLH and Professor at UCL

"JUNE Medical has been proactive and responsive to all of the things that we thought would be nice to have as features for the next generation of instruments. The result was the Galaxy II, which has an attachment to hold the urinary catheter and extra hooks packaged separately in addition to the standard eight."

Tamsin Greenwell, Surgeon at UCLH and Professor at UCL

"JUNE really has made a lot of improvements to the new retractor and it’s now one of my favourites. There is also now a male kit for specific surgery and, once we start doing sphincter surgery and urethroplasty again following the current COVID-19 pandemic, I’m definitely going to try this out."

Tamsin Greenwell, Surgeon at UCLH and Professor at UCL