Climate Emergency Declaration

Information for Customers, Suppliers and Contractors

On Tuesday 19th November 2019, JUNE Medical Ltd declared a climate emergency and set ambitious goals to work towards being carbon neutral by 2025.

The declaration publicly acknowledges that we, as suppliers to the NHS and private healthcare providers, recognise climate change is a threat to public health and that of our customers and their patients.  As such, we seek to minimise our own impacts on the environment and those of our suppliers and contractors. 

The declaration is reinforced by the recently published NHS Long Term Plan which aims to improve air quality by cutting business mileage by 20% by 2023/24 and improving air quality by using zero/low emission vehicles in the delivery of our products and services. 

The plan also sets out requirements to deliver best practice in efficiency standards and the adoption of new innovations to reduce waste, water and carbon, in addition to reducing single-use plastics while maintaining patient safety and optimal cost efficiency, throughout the supply chain. 

As a result, JUNE Medical has pledged to act on:

  • single-use plastics in our offices 
  • recycling and disposal of waste 
  • energy use for heating and lighting 
  • energy from sustainable sources 
  • water use 
  • vehicle emissions from staff travel and goods deliveries
  • sustainable food sourcing 

Our progress will be updated as part of our ISO certification and will be monitored regularly.




Angela Spang
CEO Managing Director
JUNE Medical

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