Oxiplex™ AP Adhesion

Absorbable, Adhesion Barrier Gel

Product code: 09014 (5 pack) OR 09012 (single pack)

An effective adhesion barrier for intrauterine or peritoneal surgery, Oxiplex/AP® Absorbable Adhesion Barrier Gel helps reduce the incidence, extent, and severity of postoperative adhesions.



Product details

Oxiplex/AP is a clear, single-use, flowable gel. It is intended to serve as a temporary, absorbable mechanical barrier separating surgically traumatized opposing tissue surfaces in the peritoneal cavity, where adhesions could potentially form.

Oxiplex/AP is a unique formulation of the company’s proprietary biomaterial. It is supplied ready-to-use in 2, 20 mL syringes with a sterile applicator.

Adhesions are the most frequent postoperative complication of open and laparoscopic surgery. Most women develop adhesions after major gynecological surgery and some will develop clinical consequences such as bowel obstruction, infertility, chronic pelvic pain, and intraoperative complications.

Oxiplex/AP is designed to coat tissues traumatized during procedures such as:

  • Adhesiolysis
  • Ovarian surgery
  • Tubal surgery
  • Myomectomy
  • Treatment of endometriosis
  • Hysterectomy

The advantages of using Oxiplex/AP Adhesion Barrier Gel in peritoneal surgery include:


  • Exceptional safety
  • Indicated for use in intrauterine and peritoneal surgery
  • Ready to use
  • Fast application, thorough coverage
  • Colorless
  • Absorbable

Protects the Procedure

  • Separates and coats tissues
  • Reduces adhesions

Optimizes Healing

  • Moderates pain and symptoms
  • Re-operations can be complicated by adhesions at original operative site

Order details

Oxiplex AP 2 x 20ml syringes Lap Adhesion Barrier Gel (Single Pack): 09012

Oxiplex AP 2 x 20ml syringe Lap Adhesion Barrier Gel (5 Pack): 09014

Manufacturer: FzioMed

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