USA: Dr. Molden: “Easy Switch To Make”

Dr Stephanie Molden

A simple switch brings benefits to surgical procedures

The Female Pelvic Health Center in Pennsylvania is a specialist urogynaecology facility led by Dr. Stephanie Molden. She explains why, in early 2021, she made the switch to the Galaxy II retractor® for urogynaecology procedures, and the advantages of doing so. 


The Female Pelvic Health Center in Newtown is one of a small number of medical facilities in the region that specialises in urogynaecology. Under the guidance of Medical Director and President Dr. Stephanie Molden, it offers treatment for a wide variety of pelvic conditions, including prolapse, incontinence, menopausal symptoms and sexual dysfunction. Stephanie said: “We use our experience to make sure that patients with urogynaecology symptoms receive the best possible evaluation and treatment, delivered with the compassion that they need.”

The power of social media

“I’m always interested in new products, looking to see whether they offer a better or more cost-effective alternative to the tools I am currently using. When I saw a social media post from Angela Spang about the Galaxy II® retractor, I immediately wanted to learn more. The fact that JUNE Medical is a female-led company also captured my attention, and so I got in touch to see what benefits there might be in switching to the Galaxy II®. We struck up a dialogue, then I started to use and evaluate the company’s snowman-shaped retractor early in 2021. It was an easy trial to consider.”

Ease of use 

“I use the Galaxy II® Snowman Shape retractor for vaginal procedures, as having the two circles allows the retractor to be positioned at the correct angle and sit properly. I can also attach the stay hooks in a more even circumferential pattern.  While it is very similar in shape to the retractor I used previously, the Galaxy II® is easier to use, with cam locks rather than a screw mechanism to secure it, allowing single-handed operation. This was one of the reasons that I was drawn to it. I often operate in a surgery centre where I do not have a surgical assistant, and the Galaxy II®’s simple, single-handed operation means that it is easier to adjust and readjust the retractor during a surgery. I can make changes faster and without assistance, which saves time and allows the procedure to be completed more quickly and efficiently.”

A clear view

“When you’re working with an assistant manually holding the retractor, there are times when the tissue is not held in place exactly as you would like. Often, you have to keep readjusting or reminding the assistant to retract appropriately, and their arms can get in the way and be a hinderance. With the Galaxy II, you have several stay hooks that can be used in different fashions, and continually and easily changed as necessary, to provide a clear view. This also has potential benefits in a training environment; without a surgical assistant performing manual retraction, there is more room for a trainee to observe the surgery closely. Being able to use the stay hooks in several different dimensions – and having more than two hooks – allows you to expose the surgical site in a way that offers better visualisation.”

Straightforward switchover

“Making the decision to switch to the Galaxy II® was quite straightforward, and we now use it routinely. As a physician and surgeon that frequently operates solo, it has clearly become my assistant. It is easier to use than other products I’ve tried, aesthetically pleasing and priced competitively – so it also makes my surgical centre happy!  All-round, it’s a win-win situation.”