Women’s Health

NHS Supply Chain
Galaxy II™ self-retaining surgical retractors approved by NHS Supply Chain JUNE Medical is delighted to...
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Galaxy II Slider
New launch: Sliiiiiiiiiider!
New unique shape of retractor Galaxy II Slider Medical device company JUNE Medical under leadership...
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Surgeon with head lamp
Headlamps: Best thing ever or torture?
The ergonomic effects of headgear on surgeons are poorly understood. Assessment of cervical degenerative disease...
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Meet the brand new SEMI-BLUNT hooks!
Designed with the most meticulous drawings, the new Semi-Blunt hook is the perfect step between...
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Quality you can trust
Quality is something that is deeply entrenched in JUNE and there’s a good reason for...
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pregnant woman
Improving IVF: helping to simplify a complicated journey
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IVF is a relatively common treatment for individuals who suffer from infertility problems and have...
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Launching the world’s first light for ring retractors!
JUNE Medical is delighted to announce the launch of the Galaxy II™ LUX – the...
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Native tissue repairs in the UK
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Current Map of UK Trusts doing native tissue repairs* The Cumberlege Report was published earlier this...
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