Galaxy II Snowman kits

The Galaxy II from JUNE Medical is a popular choice for a large range of procedures. The pre-packed and sterile single use kits come in a range of variations, and the most popular one is best-seller JUNE3000S5: Snowman Shape self-retaining retractor with 8 sharp 5mm stay hooks, ready packed with catheter clip and light clip.

One small box contains 10 single use kits, and is compact and lightweight to reduce CO2 emissions in shipping.

Order codes *:
JUNE3000s5 (box of 10) snowman frame & 8x 5mm sharp stay hooks
JUNE3000sb5 (box of 10) snowman frame & 8x 5mm semi-blunt stay hooks
JUNE3000b5 (box of 10) snowman frame & 8x 5mm blunt stay hooks
JUNE3000b12 (box of 10) snowman frame & 8x blunt 12mm stay hooks

* Add LUXC to the end of your order code to order your kit with a light