Surgeon with head lamp

The ergonomic effects of headgear on surgeons are poorly understood.

Assessment of cervical degenerative disease resulting from prolonged use of loupes and/or headlights to aid in surgical light was performed via data drawn from spine surgeons.

Methods: A questionnaire was distributed to 54 fellowship trained spine surgeons.

Part one assessed the current level of neck pain compared to …READ MORE

Headlamps and angles

“There is no way I can do the yoga positions I would have to do to be able to aim a headlamp correctly when I do perineal procedures!”

At the time, the comment made us all laugh as we imagine what that must look like, but we quickly realised the challenge. And for the R&D team, this was yet another lack of appropriate tools to successfully treat women. As we continued to ask questions, it was evident that headgear was a frustrating but necessary part of a surgeons equipment, and that alternative solutions could have significant benefits.

Uganda and smartphones

JUNE Medicals long term support of Reg Charity BirthAid from United Kingdom to provide Obstetric Fistula Repair Surgery in Uganda has further cemented the need to develop better solutions to guide surgical light into hard-to-reach areas. Learning about the lack of resources and lack of sufficient light in rural places leading to instances where smart phone torches provides the best possible illumination and the safest progress of life saving surgery further spurred the team to find a better solution.

Surgical Light made in America

JUNE Medical is delighted to announce the launch of the Galaxy II® LUX Connect – the worlds’ first self-retaining ring retractor with surgical light. This unique partnership provides surgeons with a revolutionary solution, giving them better access and a clearer view of the surgical site, and eliminating the disadvantages of using overhead lighting or personal headtorches.

LUX Connect can be used on its own, clamped to drapes or even hand held, or (if assistance is unavailable) with award winning Galaxy II.