Adjustable unique new retractor frame

Galaxy II Slider

New unique shape of retractor

Galaxy II Slider

Galaxy II Slider

Medical device company JUNE Medical under leadership of Swedish Inventor Angela Spang are launching a new frame. For the first time ever, retractor frames will fit ANY shape or placement. Traditional frames can be difficult to place and may not always fit into the available space.

From surgeon to market in less than 6 months

True to its innovative charter, JUNE Medical continues to work closely with surgeons to address unmet needs. With the aim to make surgery safer and easier, the company is launching several innovations: eVeck Smoke evacuation single use tubing with HEPA filter, LUX Connect, surgical illumination intra cavity and now Galaxy II Slider.

Through open and straight forward conversations, surgeon feedback on the range of existing retractor frames uncovers a challenge: when treating patients with higher BMI they struggle to fit traditional frame shapes.

Dr Diego, USA: “I treat some larger women, and the space between thighs are too narrow. I cannot get the frames to stay where I need them.” 

The product team jumped to action to understand if this is experience resonated across the world. As a result, 2 months later it was clear that frames with flexible width would be very useful.

An unexpected benefit

Galaxy II Slider with LUX Connect

Galaxy II Slider with LUX Connect

Galaxy II Slider with LUX Connect

Galaxy II Slider with LUX Connect

As design and development moved swiftly, the test group discovered that the new frame also delivered safer surgery. The adjustable frames allows hooks to be placed into tissue, and as dissection progress, the Slider can be widened to expand the wound, without needing to reposition the hooks. Firstly, this reduces the risk of glove penetration when using sharp hooks, and secondly, it reduces the number of skin punctures for the patient, thus reducing risk for infection and improving post operative recovery.

10 Secret Surgeons

…have early access to the new frame. They confirm the ease of use, the light weight and the strength of the unique design. On September 26th the new frame is revealed in an online party hosting over 800 surgeons from all over the world.

The list of specialities where the Slider will be most useful include:

  • ENT: for example Neck, Thyroid
  • General: esp Hernia
  • Ortho: Hand/Feet, anything superficial
  • GYN: esp for patients with higher BMI
  • ….and many other.
    Galaxy II Slider with LUX Connect

    Galaxy II Slider with LUX Connect

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Order yours

Galaxy II Slider comes sterile, ready to use. They are single use, available in USA and EU (pending approval in many more). They are packed in small, light boxes of 10. The Galaxy II range is available in US Military VA’s and are in the system of multiple private sector systems as well as on UKs NHS Supply Chain.

Order codes:

  • Slider Frame only: JUNEGX-U
  • Slider Frame prepacked with 8x 5mm Sharp hooks: JUNEGX-U5s
  • Slider Frame prepacked with 8x 5mm Blunt hooks: JUNEGX-U5b
  • Slider Frame prepacked with 8x 5mm unique low profile Semi-Blunt hooks: JUNEGX-U5sb
  • Slider Frame prepacked with 8x 12mm Blunt hooks: JUNEGX-U12b

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