“What do you mean, we RAN OUT?!”

Her eyes were shooting daggers at Gemma, the materials manager at the large urology clinic in Ohio.

“How are we going to get through 8 patients on Wednesday if we don’t have the retractors!?”

Gemma gritted her teeth. How could this have happened again?! Someone must have forgotten to place the order last week, and now their surgery list for the week was going to be taking forever to get through. Last time this happened they had to call in an extra tech assistant to help with retraction so the surgeon could operate, but since they had still run over, the overtime they had to pay staff had cost a fortune.

A quick google search brought up a new website she hadn’t seen before, but was this really the time to try a new surgical retractor?! She was sceptical, but the next day delivery and the glowing surgeon feedback convinced her; at this point she had nothing to lose – the supplier for their old retractor usually took around a week to deliver.

She picked up the phone. It was worth a shot.

Wednesday morning a box of retractors arrived, well before surgery started. Gemma grinned at the delivery man, and swiftly marched down the hall towards the operating rooms. Everyone might make it home for dinner after all!



Gemma froze. Oh no. The new retractors. Please, please let nothing have happened due to the new retractors, she thought, before responding: “…Yeees?”

“Gems, those new retractors are amazing, so much easier to place and adjust. Feels lighter too. I don’t want the old blue one anymore, can we use these ones going forward?” Still in scrubs, the surgeon smiled at Gemma. “Please?”


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