Product Overview

What is Galaxy II?

GALAXY II is the next generation of self-retaining, single use, retractor systems. It helps provide clear visualisation, optimal exposure and access to the operative area during surgical procedures, minimising the need for additional assistants.  

What does GALAXY II consist of?

One unit of GALAXY II consists of one retractor, 8 stays PLUS 2 catheter clips. 

The GALAXY II retractor is made of 100% medical grade plastic. The stays are made of steel hooks encased in medical grade silicone which is 100% latex free.

How is GALAXY II used?

The Galaxy stay hooks are placed into the tissue and the elastic inserted into slots on the ring providing counter traction. The slots on the ring easily secure the stays in place but will readily release it when rapid re-positioning is required. Unique and design protected CAM locks allow for single handed adjustments. 

Operating room Benefits

  • Free up the hands of an assistant 
  • Improved access to surgical site even during deeper dissections
  • Single handed adjustments 
  • Less instrument clutter 
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • NEW surgeon inspired CAM lock system to secure position

Cost Benefits

  • Reduction in cost vs competitor products on the market 
  • No sterilisation cost of reusable retractors 
  • No need no need for extra assistants during surgery
  • easily adjusted during surgery leading to reduced operating time. 


Can we buy Stay hooks separately? 

Yes, in boxes of 50 or 100 single packed units. 

How many retractors is in a box? 

10 retractor kits per box. 

Can we have a sample to look at? 

Of course! Send us a message and we will send out our sample kit in the post. 

GALAXY II in detail

Galaxy II Snowman


A popular choice for urologists and gynecologists (and sometimes for joint surgery) for a large range of procedures, the Snowman shape is often used with sharp 5mm hooks stays. 

Galaxy II Square


Galaxy II Square is an extremely adjustable retractor thanks to its quadruple CAM lock joints. It fits over even the most awkward surgical site, and is a favourite in many orthopedic and ENT procedures. 

Sharp 5 mm Stay hooks


A meticulously designed stay hook with a sharp point. Used in a range of different procedures where the surgeon wants exact and specific control in narrow spaces. Very strong  with a slightly flexible tail that sits firmly in the grooves of the frame. 

Blunt 5 mm Stay Hooks


Blunt 5 mm stays holds tissue gently, and is suitable for frail tissue in older patients. It penetrates less that the sharp 5mm stay hook, but has the same secure fit in the groves of the frame. Easily released and repositioned. Can be used with both Square and Snowman frames. 

Blunt 12 mm Stay Hooks


Blunt 512 mm stays grabs more tissue thanks to its larger size, and is suitable for when there is more tissue to attach the stay hooks to. Even with potential higher loads, the stay hook doesn't move once secured, unless it is released and repositioned. Can be used with both Square and Snowman frames. 

Sample Kit


Wish to have a closer look? The Galaxy II Sample Kit will give you a chance to see and compare between different frames and stays. 

The sample kit contains:                           

  • Snowman frame
  • Square frame 
  • All available Stay Hooks
  • Step by Step Guide (to keep)
  • Ordering information (to keep)