Patient Safety: Atraumatic new SEMI-BLUNT hooks!


Designed with the most meticulous drawings, the new Semi-Blunt hook is the perfect step between the razor sharp and very precise 5mm Sharp Hook and the more forgiving  5mm Blunt in our award winning innovation Galaxy II® range of surgical retractors.  The new Semi-Blunt is the best of both worlds: combines a reliable hold with less sharp penetration, staying where it is placed and able to hold higher loads under more tension.

  • Elastic stay
  • Low profile
  • High load capacity
  • Prepacked in kit with Snowman or Square frame
  • Also sold as single packed hooks (Box of 50)
  • Compatible with reusable retractors or clipped to drapes


The  Semi-Blunt hook adds to the low profile hook range for the award winning surgical retractor range launched in 2018. With a range of accessories and a selection of pre-assembled kits, GalaxyII™is designed to make surgery easier by providing better access and improved visibility.

It is the only self-retaining surgical retractor with a light attachment.