£3 million, 364 tonnes and 16 deliveries to Ukraine

This week marks a year since we sent our first delivery of supplies to medical professionals working on the frontline in Ukraine. From the outset, we made a commitment to support community hospitals and medical professionals, who were and are continually working to deliver care to victims on the frontline.

Over the past 12 months, we have been part of a group of suppliers led by Circle Health, who together have been able to supply £3 million worth of aid to six hospitals across Ukraine. Totalling, 364 tonnes over 16 deliveries, the response from our people, consultants, supplies and communities has been extraordinary. From local fundraising to generous support from fellow suppliers, each and every contribution has made a difference where it matters most.

In the coming months, we will be strengthening our ties with colleagues in the UK and Ukraine to look at where our support and expertise is needed most.

We would like to thank our people and consultants across the UK and abroad who over the past year have lived by our values and shown the highest levels of selflessness and compassion. Without you, the difference we have been able to make would not have been possible.

For every 10 Galaxy II you use we can add another one to our donation stock.

Read more about how Galaxy II helps war surgeons and our meeting with frontline surgeons here.