USING GALAXY II Surgical retractor


Non sterile staff

1) Open outer box

2) Take out one bag of GALAXY II retractor

3) Open outer pouch and transfer content to the sterile field

a. Content:

i. retractor ring in pouch

ii. 2 x catheter clips in separate pouches

iii. 8 stay hooks in separate pouch

Sterile staff

1) Open pouches

2) Attach catheter clip to frame if surgeon prefers

Surgical procedure with GALAXY II

Placing the retractor 

1) Position frame as required

2) Lock cam locks in place to secure angles

3) While holding frame with one hand, fasten a stay in the tissue and gently pull back to fasten the tail end in the groove of choice on the ring (for example at 4 o’clock)

4) Place the next stay directly opposite the first one to achieve counter traction (at 10 o’clock)

5) Place the third stay at (for example at) 2 o’clock

6) Place the fourth stay opposite the third stay

7) Continue placing stays as needed, opposite each other until appropriate retraction is achieved

8) As surgery progresses, grab the head of the stay to release and reposition as needed

9) NOTE: do not release the stay from the tail end

Closing the wound

As the procedure is completed, GALAXY II can be very useful in assisting in wound closure:

· Place opposing stays on each end of the incision to obtain alignment in the tissue to simplify closing

· Place sutures or glue as required


Surgeon releases stay hooks by grabbing the hook end and releasing the hook from tissue.

If so desired, all stay hooks can remain attached to the frame, and the whole ring with stays can be handed back to the assistant for disposal.