“Texas: we are ready for take off!”

June medical in use

Urology surgeons from Tyler, Texas were the first to use the new Galaxy II in surgery in the state of Texas on May 24th 2021. In 2 cases, lead surgeon Dr Clay Williams used Galaxy II Square with Blunt 5mm stay hooks to increase access and improve vision. 

Dr Williams commented on his Linkedin Post: “Galaxy II retractor for anterior colporrhaphy yesterday…using the Foley catheter clip; you can see the cystocele bulge after I have opened up the vaginal mucosa and swept away the surround tissue. The exposure is superb! The cam locks for the retractor swivel as well so that locking them with one hand is easy. Had to add in an after picture as well.”

About the surgeon

Dr Williams graduated valedictorian from University of North Texas Health Science Center (TCOM) in 1999; General Surgery and Urology residencies at University of Arkansas (UAMS) in 2005. His interests include Male and Female reconstructive surgery/incontinence (urethral slings/vault prolapse), Penile Prosthetics/Peyronies, SpaceOAR applied; Urinary Sphincter; BPH (laser TURPS/Rezum/Urolift); Low T/Men’s Health; men&womens’s Fitness; neurogenic bladder/dysfunctional voiding, INTERSTIM; renal cell carcinoma. When he isn’t busy in the OR, he enjoys staying fit thanks to a range of activities; Crossfit, sports endurance, power/Olympic lifting; Scuba diving.  Will most likely be found close to beaches, oceans or lakes.

About Galaxy II Square/Blunt 5mm hooks

Dr Williams chose to use the small 5mm blunt hooks that are gently holding tissue and provides flexible yet firm hold for secure retraction. Initially not sure if he was going to use it, he quickly realised that the Galaxy II would reduce the need for his assistant to retract, and that he could now control the tissue mobilisation and retraction himself, following the need as dissection progressed. 

Mission accomplished. Safer surgery, less staff in the OR. 

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