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Galaxy II

June Medical recently made the decision to add onto its already large portfolio of medical devices. They have launched a new device: a retractor kit that is made especially for surgical procedures on males. Thanks to the amazing award-winning Galaxy II retractor that has come out, the Galaxy II Male kit is already giving surgeons excitement on the possibility of how well they will be able to improve upon male surgeries. 


The Galaxy II Male kit will dramatically improve the male procedure itself which means it will also improve healing time and patient satisfaction overall. It does this by improving how well the surgeon will be able to see in the area he/she is operating on. The kit is very basic and easy to use which makes it more than suitable for a wide variety of male procedures that require the surgeon to have total control and visualization of. In surgical procedures that require scrotal surgeries or prosthetic testicle implantations, the surgeon needs to have ability to see the entire site without anything interfering with their vision and have the ability to move freely to get the procedure done exactly as it needs to be for optimal outcome. 


The Galaxy II Male kit comes with several different accessories and an elevation strap that is in a hammock form so as to elevate and maneuver the penis without using a sharp hook through the skin so as to improve patient comfort and keep the male anatomy out of the way to improve surgeon visualization of the site. 

The male surgical kit also benefits from simple reposition and can be secured it with a single hand. This Male Surgical kit has given surgeons an innovative, cost-effective, and easy to access solution for every male surgical procedure. It is increasing efficiency, increasing easier/better patient recovery, reducing risk of infection in patients, and increasing the ease at which surgeons are able to do their jobs. 


The Male kit has been put together to reflect the needs during most surgical procedures in Andrology and Male Urology cases. The kit is designed based on feedback and usability requests from leading urologists, and includes the unique and innovative penile hammock that reduces the need for sharp hook penetration in sensitive male anatomy thus improving recovery and reducing infection risk.


The contents of the kit include the Snowman Frame, 6x 12 mm large blunt hooks, 2x 3 finger claws, 2x Double 7mm Sharp hooks, 1x 5mm Sharp hooks,  a catheter clip and the innovative penile hammock to hold the male anatomy while reducing the need for puncture at the tip to aid comfortable recovery and reducing infection risk. 

Award Winning Retractor 

The award winning Galaxy II allows for single hand adjustments thanks to the innovative cam locks, and the modern materials and manufacturing techniques reduce both weight and waste.

New Innovation

The world’s first Male Kit was used on a bulbar urethroplasty at UCL in London Nov 25th 2020  by Urology Surgeon Ms Tamsin Greenwell.  Read more about her experience with Galaxy II.