A royal stamp of approval with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Queen’s Award for Enterprise

For JUNE Medical, product innovation is not about winning awards, but about delivering practical solutions to real-world surgical problems. However, the company’s recent recognition with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation was certainly a reason to celebrate! The team was presented with this accolade by The Countess Howe, Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire at a lavish event attended by a number of important dignitaries from across the country.

Queen’s Award for Enterprise
The fairy tale venue

The event was held on a bright, sunny day in autumn at Danesfield House, a captivating venue steeped in history and with charm and character beyond compare. The reception took place in the Versailles suite, a room designed to replicate the elegance of the Palace of Versailles – complete with mirrors, high ceilings and sparkling chandeliers – creating a picture-perfect, fairy tale setting fit for the Queen herself.

The award presentation

Angela Spang, Founder and CEO of JUNE Medical, was joined by her team from across the UK to welcome distinguished guests, including the High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, the Vice Chairman of Buckinghamshire Council, the Mayor of Marlow, and the Mayor of High Wycombe. The Lord-Lieutenant gave the attendees an inspirational speech explaining why JUNE Medical had been chosen for the Queen’s Award in the Innovation category, affirming that the team should be justifiably proud of the game-changing Galaxy II® self-retaining retractor, and the success that it has had in the market. The Queen’s Award, established in 1965, is the highest official UK award for British businesses, and a hallmark of outstanding achievement. The Lord-Lieutenant noted the impact that lightweight surgical equipment can have on reducing emissions from transportation, concluding that innovative companies, such as JUNE Medical, with a focus on sustainability in innovation will be the catalyst to inspire future generations to tackle global issues. Angela gratuitously accepted the award with a smile that expressed the pride and gratitude that she has for her team.

“When asked what my background was, I had to admit that it was unusual and unexpected for someone working in MedTech – I was a dancer,” Angela began. “But it’s my belief that being a dancer gave me the grit and determination to see a project through, and to realise that with persistence and practice, anything is possible. If something doesn’t work, then you just find a way to make it work. When I recruited my team, I told each of them that I would not do their job for them, as I knew that they could do a better job than I could ever do. But instead, like dancers, I gave them all a platform, a stage and a spotlight for them to shine. And that is what makes JUNE Medical different,” Angela concluded. She then thanked all of the attendees, and alluded to an exciting new product from JUNE Medical that focuses on the importance of sustainability.


The Versailles suite has seen its fair share of lavish events and activities in its time, dating back to its construction in 1901. However, without a doubt, there is one thing that it won’t have seen before – surgical retraction on a banana. Distinguished guests gathered around to observe the Galaxy II® self-retaining retractors in action on a banana – it turns out human volunteers are hard to get hold of – which the High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire later described as ‘instructive’ on Twitter.

There was more than just a hunger for innovation in the air – or was it the smell of banana? – as all of the guests sat down to an exquisite three-course meal served in the Chiltern Suite, accompanied by views over 65 acres of beautiful gardens. And just like that, good conversation – and wine – continued to flow into the late afternoon.

The future of innovation at JUNE Medical

As exquisite as this event was, recognition with a Queen’s Award means more to the company than just an excuse to dress up. It is a mark of the hard work and dedication that the team at JUNE Medical has put into developing innovative products valued by surgeons across the world. It would not be possible to continually modernise and improve products without the open and honest conversations that the team has with its customers, and for that, JUNE Medical would like to thank everyone that has helped it to reach this stage. This award will continue to inspire us to reach further than we ever have before.