“Hands free for repair” Dr. Williams

Dr. Clay Williams, Urologic Surgeon at Urology Tyler at University of Texas Health East Texas


Patient with SUI and had mid urethral sling placed; developed urgency frequency and dysuria months later. She was referred to me where I saw the sling had eroded into the urethra from 8 to 6 o’clock position.

Here, I have incised the anterior vaginal wall and performed urethrolysis to expose urethra and location of scar tissue from mesh. Blunt hooks are placed and fastened to Galaxy retractor to gently pull the vaginal tissue away from underlying urethra; then a vertical urethral incision down to foley and mesh located on patient’s right side (left DeBakey forceps inside the mesh “tunnel” after excision of mesh).

3-0 Monocryl for 1st and 2nd layer urethroplasty.

A piece of AmnioChord (placenta) placed as 3rd layer then 2-0 Vicryl for 4th/final closure.

Galaxy retractor allowed for excellent exposure while allowing me and my assistant to have our hands completely free to do such a tedious repair!!

So happy for this patient!

Dr. Clay Williams

Urologic Surgeon at Urology Tyler at University of Texas Health East Texas


Dr. Williams graduated valedictorian from University of North Texas Health Science Center (TCOM) in 1999; General Surgery and Urology residencies at University of Arkansas (UAMS) in 2005.

Interests: Male and Female reconstructive surgery/incontinence (urethral slings/vault prolapse), Penile Prosthetics/Peyronies, SpaceOAR applied; Urinary Sphincter; BPH (laser TURPS/Rezum/Urolift); Low T/Men’s Health; men & womens’s fitness; neurogenic bladder/dysfunctional voiding, INTERSTIM; renal cell carcinoma

Hobbies: Fitness: CrossFit, sports endurance, power/Olympic lifting; Scuba, Reading, anything regarding beaches/oceans/lakes; Traveling; Duck hunting; Boy Scouts

He often posts educational content on his page on LinkedIn