Request a Demo Kit of Galaxy II

Galaxy II is a new award winning self-retaining retractor with low profile hooks and an atraumatic semiblunt patient safety hook and a unique single use light attachment. 98% of surgeons who try the new cam locks want to continue using Galaxy II.

The Galaxy II demo kit contains one (non sterile and not for use in patient) sample of each product in the Galaxy II range:

  • 3 different frames: Snowman, Square and new unique Slider
  • All the different hook stay options (different sizes, profiles, blades and sharpness)
  • Connectors for light attachments
  • Clip for catheters
  • Penile elevator
  • NEW LUX Connect light

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    "The Four Peaks Surgery Center in Sun City, Arizona, now exclusively uses Galaxy II retractors for its urology and urogynaecology procedures and has halved retractor costs as a result. Kriston Bertelsen, Surgical Technologist and Assistant Administrator at the centre, explains why she switched to the Galaxy II."