Galaxy II Square kits

Galaxy II self-retaining surgical retractor in the Square shape is an extremely adjustable retractor thanks to its quadruple CAM lock joints. It fits over even the most awkward surgical sites and is a favourite in many colorectal, orthopaedic and ENT procedures, according to the Clinical team at JUNE Medical.

The best selling kit here is the JUNE3001B5: A Square self-retaining retractor pre-assembled, pre-packed and sterile in a kit with 8 blunt 5mm stay hooks and light clip.

Order codes *:
JUNE3001s5 (box of 10) square frame & 8x 5mm sharp stay hooks
JUNE3001sb5 (box of 10) square frame & 8x 5mm semi-blunt stay hooks
JUNE3001b5 (box of 10) square frame & 8x 5mm blunt stay hooks
JUNE3001b12 (box of 10) square frame & 8x blunt 12mm stay hooks)

* Add LUXC to the end of your order code to order your kit with a light