GoKIT™ disposable GYN kit

Single use sterile gynaecology instrument tray

Product code: JUNE5065

The single-use kit (always sharp and nothing missing!) the kit you need for MVA’s, Coils, Endometrial ablations (Thermablate) as well as many other Gynae procedures.



Product details

Single-use, Gynaecology Outpatient Kit is perfect for your outpatient clinics or even minor procedures in theatre. Every kit is clean, complete, sharp and safe. Made in the UK, the quality is outstanding. Currently used in procedures such as MVAs, Mirena Coils, Novasure or Thermablate Endometrial Ablation.

“This is exactly what we were looking for! It is so nice to always have dilators that are a complete set — ours always seem to miss one!” Maria Sousa, Theatre Nurse, St Mary’s Hospital, Charing Cross, Imperial College

What is included:

  1. Forceps Sponge Holding Rampley 18cm
  2. Forceps Sponge Holding Rampley 24cm
  3. Forceps Polyp and Ovum Bonneys 24cm
  4. Forceps Vulsellum Teales Uterine Curved Toothed 3:4 23cm
  5. Gallipot Polypropylene 60ml
  6. Gallipot Polypropylene 120ml
  7. Swab Gauze XRD 10 x 10cm 32ply x 5
  8. Scissors Metzenbaum Fine Curved 15cm (6″)
  9. Dilators Cervix Hegar Double Ended 1/2mm 22cm
  10. Dilators Cervix Hegar Double Ended 3/4mm 22cm
  11. Dilators Cervix Hegar Double Ended 5/6mm 22cm
  12. Dilators Cervix Hegar Double Ended7/8mm 22cm
  13. Dilators Cervix Hegar Double Ended 9/10mm 22cm
  14. Dilators Cervix Hegar Double Ended 11/12mm 22cm
  15. RM11-002 Cotton Wool Balls LARGE x 5
  16. Tray Full Deep blue 25x29x5cm

Order details

Box of 8: JUNE5065

Manufacturer: Rocialle