LUX Connect
JUNE Medical launches Galaxy II™ LUX Connect for a brighter world
PRESS RELEASE Aug 30 2021 Galaxy II™ LUX Connect JUNE Medical is proud to announce...
eVeck™ Colposcopy
New eVeck™ from JUNE Medical offers protection from surgical plume
JUNE Medical has launched the eVeck™ Colposcopy Plume Evacuation Kit in response to recent legislation...
Meet the brand new SEMI-BLUNT hooks!
Designed with the most meticulous drawings, the new Semi-Blunt hook is the perfect step between...
Quality you can trust
Quality is something that is deeply entrenched in JUNE and there’s a good reason for...
Galaxy II
Made for Men. Gentle but Firm.
June Medical made the decision to add onto its already large portfolio of medical devices....
pregnant woman
Improving IVF: helping to simplify a complicated journey
IVF is a relatively common treatment for individuals who suffer from infertility problems and have...
June medical in use
“Texas: we are ready for take off!”
Urology surgeons from Tyler, Texas were the first to use the new Galaxy II in...
Queen's Award
June Medical honoured with prestigious Queen’s Award
Galaxy II earns a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation 
meomedic international
World Wide Wonders
JUNE Medical Neomedic and International are supporting each other through a symbiotic relationship to fulfil...
hernia surgery
“Beautiful Surgery”: Inguinal Hernia With Galaxy II
Providing gentle and flexible yet reliable and strong retraction, the Galaxy II™ self retaining retractor is quickly...