Statement from CEO JUNE Medical Angela Spang
A statement from the CEO Angela Spang regarding Galaxy-Lux products and their usage.
Launching the world’s first light for ring retractors!
JUNE Medical is delighted to announce the launch of the Galaxy II® LUX – the worlds’ first self-retaining ring retractor with light.
“What do you mean, we RAN OUT?!”
A scenario where Galaxy II saved the day.
Native tissue repairs in the UK
Current Map of UK Trusts doing native tissue repairs* The Cumberlege Report was published earlier this year but already before then we had seen a large number of Trusts investing in reusable handles and needles for Native Tissue Repairs, or Autologous female sling repairs. BAUS has published information here, updated August 2020, and...
US surgical centre halves retractor costs
The Four Peaks Surgery Center in Sun City, Arizona, now exclusively uses Galaxy II retractors for its urology and urogynaecology procedures and has halved retractor costs as a result. 
JUNE Medical launches male surgical retractor kit
JUNE MEDICAL is expanding its comprehensive portfolio of medical devices with the upcoming launch of its new pre-packed retractor kits especially for male procedures.
“Get another one, Jean! I can’t use THIS one now!”
Cam locks are a unique solution, only available in the Galaxy II range of retractors.
Galaxy Male Kit
NEW LAUNCH: Male Kit for Galaxy II
We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our portfolio of medical devices with the launch of the new Galaxy II Male kit.
Dr James LOVES operating
Galaxy II can’t operate your patient, but she can make sure you get the best possible access to where YOU need to be to complete the surgery.
LAUNCHING eVeck Colposcopy tubing set
"How quickly can you make tubing?!" The voice on the phone wasn't desperate, but it wasn't exactly relaxed either. Turns out that one of our distributor partners had a manufacturer who discontinued a tubing set, and his customers were getting desperate. Patients had already waited for a long time due to...