Queen's Award
June Medical honoured with prestigious Queen’s Award
Galaxy II earns a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation 
meomedic international
World Wide Wonders
JUNE Medical Neomedic and International are supporting each other through a symbiotic relationship to fulfil unmet surgical needs.
hernia surgery
“Beautiful Surgery”: Inguinal Hernia With Galaxy II
Providing gentle and flexible yet reliable and strong retraction, the Galaxy II® self retaining retractor is quickly gaining popularity among hernia surgeons across the world.
Dr Wael
Saving valuable theatre time
Dr Wael Agur discusses the benefits of the Galaxy self-retaining retractors to surgeons and to patients, and describes how they can help in training the surgeons of the future.
Galaxy LUX initial feedback
Headlamps have been a part of the surgical set up for quite some time, and they provide additional light when the overhead light is not enough, or cannot be optimally positioned during surgery.
A Swedish Retractor that is WAY better than IKEA and VOLVO 😉
A comparison between Galaxy II against Ikea and Volvo. In depth look at technical aspects of Galaxy II components.
Statement from CEO JUNE Medical Angela Spang
A statement from the CEO Angela Spang regarding Galaxy-Lux products and their usage.
Launching the world’s first light for ring retractors!
JUNE Medical is delighted to announce the launch of the Galaxy II® LUX – the worlds’ first self-retaining ring retractor with light.
“What do you mean, we RAN OUT?!”
A scenario where Galaxy II saved the day.
Native tissue repairs in the UK
Current Map of UK Trusts doing native tissue repairs* The Cumberlege Report was published earlier this year but already before then we had seen a large number of Trusts investing in reusable handles and needles for Native Tissue Repairs, or Autologous female sling repairs. BAUS has published information here, updated August 2020, and...