Galaxy II Slider
Adjustable unique new retractor frame
Medical device company JUNE Medical under leadership of Swedish Inventor Angela Spang are launching a new frame. For the first time ever, retractor frames will fit ANY shape or placement.
Surgeon with head lamp
Headlamps: Best thing ever or torture?
The ergonomic effects of headgear on surgeons are poorly understood. Assessment of cervical degenerative disease resulting from prolonged use of loupes and/or headlights to aid in surgical light was performed via data drawn from spine surgeons. Methods: A questionnaire was distributed to 54 fellowship trained spine surgeons. Part one assessed...
LUX Connect
JUNE Medical launches Galaxy II® LUX Connect for a brighter world
PRESS RELEASE Aug 30 2021 Galaxy II® LUX Connect JUNE Medical is proud to announce that its partnership with LUMITEX has resulted in the new LUX Connect in vivo illuminator, which can be plugged directly into an existing light source, providing unwavering lighting throughout an entire surgical procedure. This innovative...
eVeck® Colposcopy
New eVeck® from JUNE Medical offers protection from surgical plume
JUNE Medical has launched the eVeck® Colposcopy Plume Evacuation Kit in response to recent legislation in several US states, directed at protecting medical staff and patients from dangerous constituents in surgical smoke.
Patient Safety: Atraumatic new SEMI-BLUNT hooks!
Designed with the most meticulous drawings, the new Semi-Blunt hook is the perfect step between the razor sharp and very precise 5mm Sharp Hook and the more forgiving  5mm Blunt in our award winning innovation Galaxy II® range of surgical retractors.
Dr Stephanie Molden
USA: Dr. Molden: “Easy Switch To Make”
Dr Stephanie Molden explains why she made the switch to the Galaxy II retractor for urogynaecology procedures, and the advantages of doing so. 
Quality you can trust
Quality is something that is deeply entrenched in JUNE and there’s a good reason for that. We supply to surgeons, experts in a time-critical and hugely precise field where even the slightest mishap can mean life or death, and we know the effect that sending out faulty equipment or missing...
Galaxy II
Made for Men. Gentle but Firm.
June Medical made the decision to add onto its already large portfolio of medical devices. They have launched a new device: a retractor kit that is made especially for surgical procedures on males.
pregnant woman
Improving IVF: helping to simplify a complicated journey
IVF is a relatively common treatment for individuals who suffer from infertility problems and have trouble conceiving naturally. This amazing technique has helped huge numbers of couples have children, but it’s not without its complications. 
June medical in use
“Texas: we are ready for take off!”
Urology surgeons from Tyler, Texas were the first to use the new Galaxy II in surgery in the state of Texas on May 24th 2021. In 2 cases, lead surgeon Dr Clay Williams used Galaxy II Square with Blunt 5mm stay hooks to increase access and improve vision.