LAUNCHING eVeck Colposcopy tubing set

“How quickly can you make tubing?!” The voice on the phone wasn’t desperate, but it wasn’t exactly relaxed either. Turns out that one of our distributor partners had a manufacturer who discontinued a tubing set, and his customers were getting desperate.

Patients had already waited for a long time due to COVID, and the last thing surgeons wanted was to have to delay colposcopy clinics further just because they were out of stock of a simple but important piece of tubing…especially with potential COVID virus in the plume.

We took the challenge

Looks can be deceiving and not even a simple little piece of tubing can be made without mountains of rigorous documentation and testing — timelines were very tight. We also decided to make some improvements in design.

We set ourselves quite a task

Make eVeck:

  • LIGHT: very light weight (only 180g incl HEPA filter)
  • SAFE: crush resistant all the way
  • SILENT: and highly efficient at removing surgical plume

Just 3 months later, we are launching eVeck (named after the man on the phone) tubing for colposcopy.

Price and order details

Quality in design Choosing the right material is important to match strength with lightness to make eVeck easy to handle during the procedure. Our connectors are especially designed to maintain a strong core to not fold and negatively impact suction and flow.

AEROvent® HEPA By using an AEROvent® HEPA filter (Electrostatic Bacterial/Viral filter for use in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Breathing Circuits) the single use tubing set will remove 99.99985% of the viral load before plume enters the suction generator.

Read more about filters

Importing can be challenging …so we have decided to manufacture eVeck here in the UK. This means we can guarantee the quality, the CE documentation and the access to stock, without worrying about border controls and potential taxes and fees.

  • eVeck fits securely onto standard speculums that feature a smoke plume evacuation port, and has a generic fitting for tight connection to suction generators.
  • eVeck comes in boxes of 20, non sterile and single use. CE marked.
  • The order code for eVeck is JUNE7077. PO to
  • eVeck is manufactured by Mosaic Surgical LTD in United Kingdom. Always read the IFU.

From the experts: “Surgical plume is an inevitable consequence of procedures that use electrosurgical techniques, and there is clear evidence showing the dangers it presents to personnel. Despite this, the most efficient removal methods are not mandatory in every territory, or for every case. The eVeck eliminates this issue by attaching directly to the speculum, positioning it close to the surgical site to clear all the damaging materials before staff and patients can be exposed to them.” Steve Veck

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