How the companies got started

JUNE was originally a code name, but once a permanent name was to be set, nothing else could really compete, and the JUNE name was to remain. 

The  first  strategy  wasn’t  “on  the  back  of  a  napkin“ ,  but  on  a  scrap  piece  of  paper,  now properly framed  and  kept  in  the  UK  office  on  display,  together  with  our  many  awards and  trophies.  



JUNE UK is a leading, privately-owned provider of medical devices for women’s health surgical solutions in the UK. Our team has many years’ experience in women’s health and with a strong network of surgeons in the UK, we are proud to be serving both the NHS as well as private healthcare providers like BMI Healthcare, Nuffield Health, Ramsay Healthcare among others.


With excellent collaboration with manufacturers for the UK market, owner Angela Spang was frequently asked what other countries JUNE UK could cover. Using her extensive network and expertise, she started JUNE INTERNATIONAL and quickly built up a strong and highly effective team of distribution partners across the globe. 


Owner and CEO

Award winning serial entrepreneur and business owner Angela Spang owns JUNE Medical, together with several other companies in medical device distribution, medical education and medical device manufacturing. Her interests are specifically on women's health innovation, charity and gender equality. She serves on boards in multiple countries in several countries, and is keen to discuss innovation.

Our approach

We understand that your time is precious, and instead of hiring an army of sales reps to come knock on your door, we have assumed that you know how to use a surgical retractor. 

We also assumed if you don't need a sales rep, we can lower the prices for the product, and instead you can call if you have a question.

Then we assumed (we know...lots of assumptions!) that you sometimes have lack of storage space for bulk orders, so we built in a system that allows you to split up your deliveries. 

Disagree? Please let us know!

New launches

Working with us isn't easy!

We are have the highest expectations on service and delivery, and a relentless strive for improvements. We have no interest in average, and put the customers and their patients at the heart of everything we do. 

We rarely stand still, as even though we have just launched Galaxy II know the USA, we already have 2 new product launched planned for the rest of 2020. 

Have an idea for a new medical device