JUNE Medical launches Galaxy II® LUX Connect for a brighter world

LUX Connect


Galaxy II LUX Connect

Galaxy II® LUX Connect

JUNE Medical is proud to announce that its partnership with LUMITEX has resulted in the new LUX Connect in vivo illuminator, which can be plugged directly into an existing light source, providing unwavering lighting throughout an entire surgical procedure. This innovative tool is designed to be used with the award-winning Galaxy II retractor or on its own, revolutionising surgical practice in key areas such as orthopaedics and gynaecology.

The Galaxy II LUX Connect was inspired by surgeries conducted in Uganda by the charity Birth Aid, an organisation JUNE Medical has supported for many years. Learning about the challenges in finding reliable light sources for fistula procedures in African countries, and hearing stories about surgeons having to resort to using smartphone torches, the innovation team at JUNE Medical set out to provide a better option. Designed for open wound surgery, the instrument is lightweight with a small diameter and malleable with no minimum radius, providing uninterrupted handsfree lighting. The Galaxy II LUX Connect can deliver bright yet diffuse light for deep cavity visualisation with no heat transfer. The bifurcated design of the tool provides light coverage at two points for dual angle illumination that eliminates shadows and minimises glare, which could be tiresome for the eyes during long sessions. The illuminator connects to existing standard light sources and does not run on batteries, which means that it will provide the same high-quality light throughout the whole procedure without creating concerns for battery disposal. The Galaxy II LUX Connect will be available for purchase in the US in September and distributed in the UK, as well as the rest of the world, from October. This single-­use instrument comes sterile and ready to be used, and can be disposed of after the surgery.

Angela Spang, CEO at JUNE Medical explained: “Surgeons need a flexible light source that they can trust, which is easily adaptable and provides reliable illumination. I am proud to say that JUNE Medical has met this challenge and can provide a solution, in the form of high-quality illumination, to operating theatres all over the globe.

Visit www.galaxy-lux.com to learn more.

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