The Queen’s Award winning global surgical medical device company

This is JUNE

Our first responsibility is to the doctors and nurses who use our products and services to treat their patients. In meeting our customers’ needs everything we do must be of high quality.

Our purpose

We must constantly strive to provide value, reduce our costs and maintain reasonable prices. Customers’ orders must be serviced promptly and accurately, and we must answer questions swiftly, correctly and completely.

Innovation and manufacturing

R&D, innovation, design, prototyping and manufacturing is done in our Mosaic Surgical team.

ISO13485 and FDA registered, Mosaic Surgical is a British based medical device manufacturer with expertise and knowledge is taking ideas through to finished product.

Examples include all the products in the successful Galaxy II® range as well as recently launched colposcopy tubing set eVeck®.

Women Owned JUNE Medical
The Queens Award
ISO 13485 certified
ISO certified
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Department for International Trade

"I think it is a great product that enhances the surgical outcome, as it removes the problem of the assistant’s boredom/hunger/tiredness from the equation and it is very easy to use."

Chris Siozos MRCOG, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Northwest Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

“I am delighted to work with them for their dedication and passion for patient care.”

Dr. Alex Digesu

"I love the rings" (after having done the first 4 procedures in the USA in January 2020).

Professor Ervin Kocjancic

"Stays worked perfectly and allowed the Tech to assist in more efficient ways. Liked the range between slots for stays."

Dr. Andrew, Massachusetts, USA

"Can't thank everyone enough for the rapid response especially in such trying times. Stay safe."


"I love the design, and it feels much lighter than older retractors. The single-hand adjustment is a big win!"


"Fantastic Rep and help from the company in organising the Thermablate for theatres and training staff. Thank you."

Nottingham NHS Treatment Centre

"Excellent light saved 15 minutes of operation time. Love the semi-blunt stays and diameter for ease of placement."

Dr. Kelvin, New York, USA

"The Customer Service Team went above & beyond to ensure products arrived for surgery. Greatly appreciated!"

BMI Chaucer

"The patient had excess fatty tissue and Galaxy provided excellent visibility throughout the procedure."

Dr. Brandy, Texas, USA

"Tina remembered an outstanding query which I had forgotten. Some suppliers would just let it hang, so thanks."

Hospital of St. John & St. Elizabeth

"The Male Kit's penile hammock was sturdy enough to hold the penis in the preferred position."

Dr. Stephen, Texas, USA

“Friendly and efficient staff, excellent customer service.”

Harrogate District Hospital

"I love the semi-blunt hooks and Snowman frame for anterior vaginal cases. Will want to trial LUX at some point."

Dr. Dean, Texas, USA

"Very professional, working for Women's health in their best interest."

Royal United Hospitals Bath

"5mm blunt hooks worked great for infrapubic technique."

Dr. Kimberly, Texas, USA

Trusted by leading surgeons

JUNE Medical is an award winning medical device company. Privately owned, the group manage early stage innovation, R&D, manufacturing & commercialisation all over the world.


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