Getting the right device for that important surgical procedure

Allow Galaxy II retractor to do the job

One important aspect of surgery is getting proper assistance. When you are working in theatre, you always need help. Retraction make the job much easier for you as the surgeon, allowing improved visibility and access.

You may not always get the same theatre assistant and having complete control especially when the procedure needs to be done swiftly and accurately is important. This should never be what a surgeon should worry about. There are times that you want to work with minimal impact or effect of surgery on the tissue because of the effect on the patient’s comfort and the level of anesthesia. All these make the surgical procedure difficult, thus can affect the outcome.

If you don’t have to worry about getting this aspect right, you are able to focus more on other critical aspects that enhances the procedure. Let Galaxy II be your right hand. (Or left.)

Why you need Galaxy II retractor

A surgeon always needs a clear vision, optimal exposure and access to the operative area. These contribute to the success of the procedure. Technological advancements in arts and less invasive surgery has created a form of self-retaining, single-use, retractor system which helps the surgeon to achieve the surgical goals on time. The retractors have a more extensive range of applications in urology, gynecology, colorectal, tracheotomy, general surgery, plastic surgery, pediatric surgery, laparoscopic surgery.

The makeup of Galaxy II retractor

Galaxy II is a retractor system which contains disposable retractor rings, sterile elastic hook stays, and catheter drain/clip. The system provides the flexibility and adjustable features needed to have an optimal viewing angle for parts that need to be retracted. This gives better clarity with ease of use. Galaxy II retractors are equipped with “stay hooks,” which are inserted into the tissue while the elastic parts are inserted into the major slots on the ring to achieve counter traction. The design is aimed at allowing one-handed adjustments and repositioning, and light weight enough to hold itself in place. The Galaxy has been designed with different shapes and features that fit into different operating field. It gives you that optimal control of the surgical area without any form of visual obstruction.

Galaxy II is a tested and trusted surgical retractor that gives quality, reduces plastic waste, provides different options, and is safe to use. 

Rings and Stay hooks

The stays are of three different types: Sharp 5mm, Blunt 5mm, and Blunt 12mm. What separates these three stays relates to the kind of tissue they are used on, as well as surgeon preference and procedure type. Each has 20-newton tensile strength hence can carry much higher than needed load. It is an excellent research system of retractors made from materials that help meet the waste reduction goal to care for our environment while maintaining the safety of single use medical devices. We are working on a publication to demonstrate this: sign up to be alerted when we publish.

How it works

You will find it easy to use the Galaxy II retractor: there are a pictorial description of all the steps that guides you from placement, providing equal tension, advancing the stays into deeper tissue, and maintaining constant and opposing pressure. The retractor reduces instrument clutter around the surgical field. It also makes sure the need for multiple assisting during an operative procedure is reduced. The well-designed CAM lock system provides that swift adaptation of the retractor system to the needed operative procedure. It can easily be manipulated with one hand; a modern design of and tested and trusted surgical aid.

JUNE Medical for Galaxy II retractor

Our company, JUNE Medical, have been carefully chosen to be a significant partner in the distribution of the Galaxy II retractor. The choice was made based on the company years of experience in distributing quality medical products in the UK as well as internationally. JUNE Medical has been able to maintain that unique service quality provided to its customers over the years.

More and more hospitals are now adopting this type of retractor to cut operational theatre cost per year. JUNE Medical always ensures product is never out of stock and will deliver swiftly and accurately. Excellent operational planning ensures that even with the quickly increase in demand for the supply of Galaxy II retractors in the UK, USA and to international distribution partners, every customer order is managed quickly and correctly.