Success Stories

  • Chile
    • With customers already wanting to buy GALAXY II at the University Hospital in Santiago, we have set up our distributor for immediate success, and we look forward to seeing what this dynamic and forward-thinking country will do.
  • France
    • A fellow UK award winning company has a direct salesforce in France, and they are VERY excited about GALAXY I and II. Our training of this dynamic team takes place on July 10th and we look forward to continuing the successes we saw during the trials in Paris.
  • Germany
    • Having the opportunity to work with people who know the market, knows everyone in it and know exactly where to go makes a huge difference. Our chosen distributor in Germany will be selling GALAXY II faster than we can pack them!
  • Latvia
    • After having gone through a very successful trial with KOLs, we have seen some great movement here, and are really looking forward to the growth in Latvia.
  • South Africa
    • Our distributor (whom we have known for a long time) struggled with the exchange rates. We were able to adjust our manufacturing costs and the product packaging so it better suited the SA market, and we are seeing great activities in the market for our partner.
  • Thailand
    • Immediate and promising success for our distributor who could walk straight into one of the largest university hospital and get great interest from leading surgeons for GALAXY I
  • UK

In the UK, our sister organisation JUNE MEDICAL UK is our distributor for our products. Here are their comments on Durasphere:

“When we first started working with Durasphere, there was a huge majority in the market for Bulkamid. Everyone was doing transurethral injections, and were going on about how easy it was and how they gave out free scopes to the surgeons. However, two years later, this seems to have changed: we have surgeons actively looking us up, asking for Durasphere. In the last 6 months we have sold twice the amount of Durasphere as we have done in the previous two years, and something has dramatically changed. If it is because Prof Tincello in Leicester has started to talk about his results, or if it is because the patients from other bulking agents are coming back needing their retreatments, we don’t know, but there is a huge difference to what we see in the market. So much we have almost run out of stock TWICE in the last 2 months! A nice problem to have for a medical device distributer, even though it makes me nervous — I never want to be out of stock when customers need something!”


Emma Maidwell, Customer Service Manager, JUNE MEDICAL UK