Galaxy II is a self-retaining, single use, retractor system which provides clear visualisation, optimal exposure and access to the operative area.

The stay hooks are placed into the tissue and the elastic side is inserted into the slots on the ring, providing counter traction.

The slots on the ring easily secure the stays in place, but readily release it when rapid re-position is required.

  • Provides clear visualisation, optimal exposure and access to the operative area during surgical procedures. Reducing instrument clutter at the surgical site and the number of skilled assistants required to assist retraction, allowing students to watch and learn instead of assisting.
  • Adapts easily and swiftly to the needs of the procedure. The light-weight and intuitive design, surgeon inspired, CAM locking system enables this versatile use.
  • Accommodates a vast range of surgical procedures with its two retractor shapes
  • Helps reduce your carbon footprint. GALAXY II is made of 10% less plastic than the old blue or white alternatives. GALAXY II can be recycled

A sterile disposable retractor ring (Snowman or Square)

8 sterile elastic stays (5mm sharp / 5mm blunt / 12 mm blunt)

2 x Catheter clip

(Additional boxes of stays are also available)

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