JUNE MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL LTD and JUNE MEDICAL LTD are two award winning UK companies owned by well known women’s health leader Angela Spang (previous Johnson &Johnson, Allergan, AMS), UKs Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 and award-winning innovator and business leader.

JUNE MEDICAL UK is Market leaders in the UK

In the UK, we are market leaders as the only company dedicated to gynaecology and female urology. This means we have successes we can share and KOLs who speak highly of us.

5 products for international distribution

We have five products well suited for international business growth: easy to sell, excellent pricing, clear benefits. They make a great addition to a reps portfolio, and we have made sure they will bring plenty of profit to our distributor partners.

GALAXY I is a first generation surgical retractor that mimics Lonestar. Same simple and straight forward design, but a better price.

GALAXY II is our second generation retractor: better design, British made, great quality, surgeon designed. Still cost effective vs Lonestar.

Durasphere is a bulking agent for incontinence distributed by Coloplast in the US and by JUNE MEDICAL internationally. A mismanaged (we think) product that has great efficacy and safety features, and again, has a beneficial cost for distribution. Could be market leading thanks to its simple injection technique and “less fiddles” as our KOLs in the UK states.

Our GOkit Tray single use pack comes complete for gynae procedures with: Gallipot, Forceps, Sounds, Swab Speculum Scissors, Retractor, dilators etc. Outstanding quality every time, and less costly than re-sterilising reusable kits.

Our UK profitability on the above products is around 45%.

Working with us is easy and… quite fun!

We are supported by British American Business, Department of International Trade, Europe Enterprise network and Buckinghamshire Business First.

Understanding the needs for a distribution company, we will support you by getting you the documentation you need, helping you with marketing materials for you to adapt as you see fit, KOL quotes and other supporting materials, as well as sharing our successes in the UK market so you can pick what you want instead of having to duplicate any work. We are not going to force you to buy a certain minimal number of products or tell you how to run your team or your company. That’s your business, and we trust you do that really well already.

The products we have chosen to work with are easy to sell, will continue to sell after you have moved on to sell other things, and give you a nice profit. There are no complains, no returns and minimal training needs.

We look forward to seeing your success.